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"I have received 4 university offers and I could not have done this without your help!"

A level Student applying for Dietetics

"Thank you for your invaluable contribution to our school's career convention. The feedback from the staff, girls and their parents has been extremely positive ... I really appreciate your enthusiasm and commitment in encouraging and supporting our girls to make informed career decisions."

Head Teacher, Independent School

"I want to thank you for running such an interesting course. It was amazing how by attending just one two hour session per week motivated me for the rest of the week to do something about the rest of my career plans. Now the course is over I definitely miss the supportive and informative atmosphere you built up in the classroom. Once again thanks for the course, feedback and advice they all made a big difference to my ability to seek a job and start to 'manage' my career".

Final Year University Student

"Thank you for motivating me to organise my ideas and assisting with the structure of my personal statement, a great help!! Four offers for Architecture now received."

Year 13 Student

"Re new CV: I am really pleased with what you have done, it's brilliant, you have compacted everything but all the detail is still there. Thank you so much."


“Louise , a big thank you from us all for helping our daughter through a sticky 2nd year , she carried on , really enjoyed her third year and came out with a 2-1..... needless to say we are all delighted!”

Parents of a university student